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Mythic Productions Inc develops and produces feature films, documentaries and television series for North American and International audiences. We pride ourselves on telling our stories with a unique voice and perspective. From popular family films like Full Out (NBC/Disney/Family Channel) and King of the Camp (YTV/Starz), to internationally-screened festival favourites like the award-winning Moon Point, Mythic Productions is an emerging player in the Canadian feature film landscape.


Kiss and Cry is a romantic drama based on the story of Carley Allison, a promising 18 year old figure skater and singer who made medical history in her fight against a rare 1 in 3.5 billion type of cancer. 

The film stars Luke Bilyk, Chantal Kreviazuk, Naomi Sneickus and Sarah Fisher as Carley. Sarah Fisher and Carley Allison were best friends in real life.

Kiss and Cry is produced in association with Telefilm Canada and the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

Kiss and Cry is currently screening theatrically in Canada, and will later move to SVOD and Television in countries around the globe.

Watch the trailer below.

FULL OUT (2015)

Based on the true life story of California gymnast Ariana Berlin. As she zoned in on her Olympic goals, 14 year old Ariana Berlin's life took a sharp turn when she was involved in a debilitating car accident. Gaining her confidence and movement back through learning hip hop dance, she unexpectedly found herself called back to the gymnastics world thanks to world renowned UCLA Coach Valorie Kondos Field. With Val's help, Ariana was eventually able to secure a spot on the UCLA gymnastics team and win an NCAA championship, a lifelong goal that she had always dreamed of. This is a wonderfully inspiring story of persistence, confidence, and the heart and courage to make a somewhat impossible comeback in life.


30 GHOSTS (2013)

A documentary that chronicles rural horse farmer and paranormal-investigator-on-the-side, Kim Hadfield, over a year of intense struggle as she pursues her dream of proving to mankind that ghosts exist. With the help of three fun-loving, quirky friends, Hadfield fights her way through internal and external roadblocks to achieve her goal: to capture photographic evidence of a spirit. Our crew follows Hadfield and her troupe - the Halton Paranormal Group - as they "get their ghost on". These phantasm-hunting females spend their time investigating local eccentric's homes, as well as boarded-up abandoned houses, often encountering the local police department while doing so. We follow the group as their profile grows, gaining widespread media coverage after they investigate large public buildings. But as Hadfield gains experience, her personal and financial life also suffers, and we witness the mental strain that this ghostly obsession puts on her. This film is a portrayal of ambition, obsession, and one woman's quest to capture something that may not exist. The results are at times tragic, bizarre, comical and genuinely spooky.

Watch the on the National Film Board of Canada's streaming service below:



The funny, quirky story of Darryl Strozka, an ambitionless 24-year old who travels hundreds of miles in a wagon hooked onto the back of his friend's electric wheelchair, in hopes of tracking down his childhood crush.

Festivals: Film North, Cinefest Sudbury, Calgary International Film Festival, Edmonton International Film Festival, Gimli Film Festival, Anchorage International Film Festival, Buffalo International Film Festival, Picture/This Film Festival, Breaking Down Barriers Film Festival (Moscow, Russia)



In order to win the heart of counselor Cindy Keyes, kitchen boy Will Cross comes to realize that becoming King of the Camp takes much more than beating tough guy Chase Gunn in a wake boarding competition.

A YTV Original Production. 



Identical twin brothers Lou and Eric plan to compete together in the National Rowing Championships. But when Eric leaves their small town to attend an Ivy League University, the brother's bond is torn apart.